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The Monroe Institute

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The Monroe Institute is at the forefront of evolving consciousness, blazing a path through what is perhaps the ultimate frontier; the expanses of our own conscious experience.

Monroe Institute programs are not predicated on any particular belief system or doctrine. The only philosophical point participants are asked to consider is the possibility that you are more than your physical body.

The Outreach programs have been developed by the Institute to meet the many requests for experiential programs “close to home.” All Outreach programs are presented by Institute trained and accredited facilitators, implementing a specific curriculum designed by the Institute.

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The Excursion Workshops are results-oriented Outreach programs designed to assist in expanding awareness, developing latent dimensions of creative intelligence, discovering a new sense of certainty and purpose,and applying one’s full potential to all areas of life.

Enjoy the experience of total relaxation as you discover and explore the opportunity held in profound areas of awareness, insight, and guidance beyond your physical senses. Conscious awareness is far more than a sense of being. It is a vast reality system operating, not only through physical matter, but far beyond physical limitations  ... and yet, it is your own natural energy.  It is you !

“Always know and remember that you are more than your physical body... 
             ....The greatest illusion is that mankind has limitations.”

                                                                                                          Robert Monroe


Optimizing your brain’s potential while experiencing “whole-brain-function” is the gateway to your internal journey.... your excursion to realms of consciousness seldom brought to conscious awareness. This peak condition is achieved effortlessly and safely as your mind is bathed in sound via the Monroe Institute’s patented audio guidance technology, Hemi-Sync.

Hemi-Sync technology consists of over 35 layers of differing sound frequencies designed to move you comfortably along a continuum of consciousness, while sustaining an alert but restful state of mind.  As you listen to Hemi-Sync sound, you will freely move into levels of consciousness that are generally accessible only after years of dedicated training and discipline.

The effect of Hemi-Sync can be compared to that of a laser, which produces focused, coherent light. Hemi-Sync produces a focused, coherent mind; an optimal condition for human performance. 

Hemi-Sync recordings do not contain subliminal messages. You are always in control of your experience.

A coherent brain is working on all cylinders ! More focused, efficient and productive.


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Meditate Like the Masters and Relax Like Never Before !!

"One Gateway Voyage alumnus, the 91-year-old head of a Zen Buddhist temple... believes that Gateway Voyage students can reach meditation states in a week that took him years of sitting.     His temple now uses audio cassettes from the Monroe Institute as a training tool."

                                                              The New York Times


Excursion Workshops

Join us for a two-day adventure into expanded states of awareness !

The introductory Excursion program is an intensive workshop developed to provide participants direct experience with differing states of consciousness, and the tools for quickly accessing them in their daily life.

This workshop guides you through a carefully sequenced series of exercises to teach you how to comfortably shift and expand your awareness along a continuum of consciousness. With the support of the Monroe Institute’s Hemi-Sync system, you will learn how to rapidly achieve, hold, and control differing states of awareness, thereby allowing you access to previously untapped inner resources and opening the door to exploration of nonphysical energy systems.

Please note that this is not a lecture series. Excursion is a highly experiential workshop. There will be a brief introduction and orientation, followed by multiple Hemi-Sync exercises interspersed with discussion and supportive group inter-action.

The specific exercises presented in the Excursion program are designed to open the potential for experiencing states of awareness conducive to:

              * deep contemplation and profound relaxation
              * heightened intuition
              * developing latent levels of creative intelligence
              * discovering a new sense of certainty and purpose
              * communication with the Higher Self
              * applying one’s full potential in all areas of life

In order to create an inviting environment for exploration and sharing, the number of participants per workshop is limited. Early registration is recommended to guarantee your spot !

Come share in the adventure !

* All participants will receive a $200 discount toward their first

      Monroe Institute residential program 


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Upcoming 2012 Outreach Excursion Workshops :


September 1st-2nd, 2012

Middleburg Hts, Ohio

Registration fee $350  

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October 26th-27th, 2012

Vero Beach, Florida

Registration fee $350 

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